Unpopular opinions


People are bloody ignorant apes


You catch-on fast*

(*untrue AND unpopular opinion)

:+1: It should also be IQ-tested, and heritable-genetic-disease tested.


We’re in eugenics territory here. Godwin’s law is but a handful of posts away.


Tough luck, ass hat, I’m bringing Oasis next time I visit.


For short cunts.


The 80s was the best decade for music.

Anyone owning a BMW/Audi/Chelsea Tractor should be made to retake their Driving Test every three years.


what is a Chelsea tractor?





Try to keep-up - I do actually like Oasis.


That’s your car, that is.


Haha, has anyone noticed when Simon gets slightly rattled by some derogatory reference to him or something he owns he feigns complete ignorance.

It’s kinda cute :heart_eyes_cat:




Git. :slight_smile:

Btw, haven’t you noticed I normally make half a dozen edits to my own posts in the first few minutes to correct my own typos?


I nipped in quickly. :grinning:


nope I have never heard the term Chelsea tractor. and you given me a chance to reply and not wasted your time making assumptions about what goes on in my head - you will have seen me acknowledge that was me owning one.

Of course anyone not owning a Chelsea tractor would need to retake their test annually - cos we are the much better drivers!

And anyone using a vehicle with fewer than four wheels should be banned from the pavement and highway.


Definitely not rumbled.


Anyone with this opinion will be removed from the gene pool with extreme prejudice.


natural selection for people on two wheels will always win out…I took my choice years ago when I moved from 2 to 4 wheels.


At 30+ years on 2 wheels im not sure your opinion counts.