Unpopular opinions


Yeah, pretty much all my opinions have been unpopular. Even with myself.
My autobiography “Ten Thousand Mistakes’ is on the way.


Tastes just like chicken.


Common sense, manners & the ability to drive are no longer required once you’ve passed your driving test.


closely followed by “When the traffic lights turn to red, what should you do?”


And tall cunts who can’t operate a seat adjustment lever :+1:


Fuck me, that joke is so fucking shit and boring now. Give it a rest!

(unpopular opinion no doubt)


Random thread title edits are completely fucking hilarious.


Now I know why Gerry Adams always looks so grumpy.


The seat was all the way back.


Oh dear.

This is a truly dreadful thread.





Hahaha. No not at all.


I started out with low expectations, and yet the 'Twa has managed to get underneath the barrel with a delightful combo punch of incomprehension and Groundhog-Day humour…

Classic :+1:t3:


People so quickly forget that only sarcasm, really dark sarcasm is funny.
Everything else is unfunny, even more so if it has been said before.


The commercialisation of Christmas is bloody great. I love buying tat.


How is that booster seat of yours?



I think there was one of those fuckers in the Fortnums pie box.


The thread is fine. It’s just the 99 comments that ruin it.