I’m doing updates on the forum this afternoon and trying to get it switched over to https in advance of tomorrow when Chrome will start throwing hissy fits. This will require server restarts so you may find the site unresponsive for short periods.

Can you ensure that ‘deleted’ replaces ‘unresponsive’ please Jon?

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Hold on for a new forum.

A server restarting, earlier

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Your confidence is greatly appreciate y’all :stuck_out_tongue:

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Past performance and all that…

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I have no idea what you mean.


You have history. We just manage to still have a bit of memory.

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Only because all the evidence disappeared

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Rather than a lack of confidence I believe it’s a deep-seating lemming urge in the readership.

Everyone wants to watch it burn, just for shiggles.

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He has made a full back-up of the forum, I am sure, before he started.

Yes, on top of the regular backups!

*for once

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It was nice knowing you all, goodbye, until another cyberworld…

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Looks like it’s all gone through successfully. Let me know if you get any issues.


It s€€ms to b€ working fin€ h€r€ :ok_hand:.


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Disappointingly successful :roll_eyes: