Utterly mental HiFi

Post anything strange, unusual or simply mental

I realise that half of the meatmen own such systems, but we all know them. This is for previously unseen deranged combinations

I’ll start with an amp that wouldn’t be out of place in a remake of Dr Strangelove

The warning on the front fascia is probably not a joke

I do think he should move the speakers a little further apart though (maybe another 100yds to give them a fighting chance if the amp malfunctions)




but only in a really, really big way !

Indeed, I love it

but would you use it ?

Of course

Then you Sir, are a braver (?) man than I.


Saw this a few years ago and love the way the mercury rectifiers go mental on the bass notes

1000 Watt Philips EL6471


:open_mouth: Bloody hell !

That is frightening.

They are akchurley 3 metres apart :+1:

But that’s within the kill zone :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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My fav hifi lunacy were those cinema speakers and amps that were brought over from Germany to Scalford a few years ago. Anyone got pics of them?

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With young children for damping purposes


Fercrisakes - I don’t know whether to laugh, cry or applaud.

The guy was a Lenco Heaven member and was in their room. I’m sure the photos are on there. I’ll go look

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Here they are. And the guy brought from Europe somewhere!! I remember them sounding superb with some equally wacky amps.


Thems the fellas. Great sound - I kept returning to that room throughout the day

Those Klangfilms are quite reasonable - More Mercury / Cannon cabinet amps s’il vous plait

Those are cool - what are they?

20000 wpc