Utterly mental HiFi

Oldie but still goodie


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Love the way a woman has been superimposed to make out he has a partner.


Yes, x4 of these please my good man.

I see your 20kW and £650,000 and raise you 160kW and £2,000,000

Pivetti “Opera Only” (Dave’s is by the same loon)

You are right, you have to be pretty much certifiable to put a hole in your floor for hifi purposes…

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Pulling the ceiling down is ok though.


Audiofool translation

"Reasonably committed to the purity of sound. "


Looks like the lounge bar my neighbours had in the 1970s. Just needs a bottle of Advocaat or two.

Think I’d need a bottle or two if I’d spent £2meg on the unhappy love-child of a phone box and a Tie-fighter… :beers::beers::beers::beer::beer::tropical_drink::cocktail::wine_glass:

That looks like the pile of shit that was at Munich 2015

Think it was touted at most shows a few years ago, christ knows if any ever sold… Not sure anyone’s ever even heard it…

Yeah, ‘display’ appearance only.

I can’t imagine why anyone would even consider buying one

Mental-defective’s Euromillions number comes up :+1:

Ok, that.

Or Donald Trump.

But who else would be daft enough

Tuffbob’s Euromillions number comes up :+1:


I think they are Klangfilm from Germany

Another oldie but goodie. A build by Nelson Pass


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Does anyone else look at these and think, “hmm, seems perfectly sensible”?


Looks like nearly a dozen boxes on the kit rack there too, so horn lunacy accompanied by floor reinforcement lunacy and probably bankruptcy as a side-effect.

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I loved those too.
Yes I have got photos of them.
Just noticed too late, someone already posted a few piccy’s