Utterly mental HiFi


And despite the size of the horns he needed and built subwoofers :joy::joy:


That Scalford was peak madness. You had @Coco and @Wayward attempting to demo a mini-system and utterly failing. IIRC @jim and @browellm ran a joint system and pie dispensary near enough to the Klangfilms and then down near where @68rednose and I were hanging out there was @crimsondonkey’s drinking hole.

It was after that weekend that I went bright yellow and figured that something might be amiss.


Powerman on audiokarma had quite a collection:




This has been posted before and STILL makes my OCD twitch :grimacing:


Tis why I keep posting it.




Not sure if this qualifies as utterly mental but it’s a tad barking at least . . .

Blue Circle Audio NSL power amp; output stage consisting of 288 op-amps in parallel and 2,000,000uF of power supply filtering.


Nelson Pass beast of 1000 jfets.


Thanks - actually I wanted to know what these are:

I’m sure I could persuade my wife that we ‘need’ a pair of seven foot tall speakers :grin:


I wish I knew, I’d like plans. Russian I think. Also I think they’re taller than 7ft. Judging by the door size that looks to be a 9ft ceiling. So the speakers are 8ft6" or thereabouts.



I’m starting to get the itch to find a house with substantially higher ceilings . . . . .


More subs




Mental, not horrible

What a waste of 301s


“Hi, I want blockboard, all of it.”


“Yes, all of it.”

“All of it?”

“All the blackboard.”

“That’s too much blockboard.”

“Yes! That’s exactly how much blockboard I want.”


Seen that one. The guys amps are made in the same style. I can’t decide if it’s brilliant or shit?


Is he a kitchen fitter?


Mmmm K,


Thanks :+1: