Utterly mental HiFi


With 48 6550s in a stereo pair I wonder what the MTBF is ? And how you keep the room cool ?



The first could be the cause of a decline into insanity, the second, a dedicated aircon unit…

Guess this is why they’re out of production…


Line Magnetic Amp. With 212 tube.


Line Magnetic lm-500 with 212 and 300b tubes.

Very nice.




These are all stupid.
You need a sensible system that will fit into a normal home

photo OMG.jpg

photo OMG2.jpg


What are the pyramid thingies?


That all looks expensive and likely a large proportion of a pension lump sum wasted.
On an upside they do match the fireplace quite well


Would have sorted the curtains out first


The pyramid thingies are amplifiers

photo Edgereference.jpg



Thought they might be, just wasn’t sure.

$140k :crazy_face:


They make me feel better about my wallpaper.


I have had those pics in a photobucket account for many years. I think they were posted in the early days of the Wam.

If my memory serves me right the system went through the hands of a dealer on the South Coast and he set it up in his home for a bit of fun before it was all moved on. I don’t think it was ever in situ as a proper system like that.


That is what a dealer’s home looks like? They are worse/more depraved than I thought.


Ha ha
It was a good 10 years ago

I am sure you have some old pics you wouldn’t want to be reminded of :grin:


With an NVA amp?


The chandelier was stolen from a council house.


You question the level of depravity after the posts on here from our small sample of dealers ?


No, just my understanding of the depths they plumb. In fairness our lot don’t seem as bad as some of the others, which is damning them with faint praise, but there you go…


Horn mobile