Utterly mental HiFi



How big are those speakers? It looks like they are en-suite which I presume is useful for mid-nap emergencies.


I like that they have a built in observatory.


With DIY you can combine other loves into hifi

photo Glenmorangiemonoblocks.jpg


Is it a passive pre-amp?


Just a volume control, the more you drink the louder you get.


Well! You certainly know how to wound a person to the quick! :anguished::weary::cry::sob:


Stop trying to cheer me up. You have the hide of a rhino and a brass neck. I can only suspect that you also have lovely pink curtains and a tatty chandelier (and that is not a euphemism for once).


Surprisingly accurate, there’s at least half a dozen assorted tatty chan-deliahs here, and at least one set of “pink curtains”…

Little-known fact, before I gave-up the Endangered Big-Game Hunting game to become the only thing that is worse, I shot the last Brass-Necked Rhino in the wild :sunglasses:

To say the antique dealer was dismayed is a quite catastrophic degree of understatement . . . . .


Earlier than usual to have finished off the cooking sherry isn’t it? :roll_eyes:


This is where you lightweights go wrong - you sober-up sometimes…


Sadly I am on the wagon due to reasons. The drugs do help though :crazy_face:


I miss those days…


Nobody misses H, as most die.


Harry is a beast of luxury
He just wants my body and soul - leaves the bones behind

…voice of experience of course.


22" Leather



I want that! It’s utterly brilliant :rofl:


Robbie. Robbie. Robbie!!!


Pair with LV’s


Haha, the deck appears to be sitting on a “pile of shit” emoji :laughing: