Utterly mental HiFi



Love it!


“This pulling of electrons from atoms is not done for amusement”

Brilliant, great find Dave :grinning:



Bit understated for McIntosh.


Bob will be all over that for his Cheshire pad.


It seems it may have started life looking like this

But whoever owns it had rather too much time on his hands.



Not enough gold and missing the marble. :+1:


Trump amp.


Where’s Buddha?


Love the crucifix on each transformer cover, renamed the eighth note whatever that is?



I’m guessing the CE certification is an aspiration then


Strictly speaking from an electrical safety point of view we can’t be sure that it isn’t all running off 48V from a few truck batteries (or even 72V given that it’s DC), in which case all it would need would be adequate over-current protection to stop it burning the house down. Of course it would need to comply with all the other regs (radio-frequencies, lead-free solder, RoHS for components etc etc).





I love those!

I have the room, but I would be worried that they would get blown away :smile:

Oh, and how the fuck do you make holes in 3’ thick stone walls :face_with_raised_eyebrow:




What do you mean?


Is that the frequency that makes you shit yourself involuntarily?

Coco got his system working again, then?


Who me ? I imagine you wouldnt need any holes in walls if you got windows. Remove the windows and you got some ready made holes