Valentines pressies

So what did you guys get for Valentine’s Day then?

Sian gave me some huge Toblerones and the free pass to hold another bake off soon!
Date to be decided, but it’ll be a Saturday/Sunday overnight.
Thinking BBQ for Saturday lunch, minibus out for evening curry, then up 'til late listening and pissing it up.
Breakfast Sunday and finish Sunday lunchtime.

Please note: No Porsches will be harmed in the making of this bake off. :joy:


Jealous I am.


Most of your post above relates to the excitement of being given clearance to hold a bake off:+1::+1::+1::+1:

Oh, I got a Toblerone too. just one.


Sounds great Phil - count me in :heart_eyes:

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and can i be added to the provisional list too if possible, need to get around and hear some of the lovely systems belonging to you fellas, on the advice of @crimsondonkey to educate myself on what is possible/what I might like sound-wise.


Had to take my car in for service this morning and Erica kindly agreed to give me a lift back, pain in the arse journey across town.

I had to sign the paperwork and asked the assistant for the date. Don’t you know it’s Valentine’s day ? Erica was waiting in her car outside as I did the walk of shame :grinning:

Corn beef sandwich for lunch

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Nice to get the day off from cooking your Rice signature dish


I forgot to sort anything even a card . Except I did sort out a new tyre for the Honda after Claire punctured a tyre avoiding a collision four miles from home - She had no idea that she had got a puncture until I pointed out
a destroyed tyre.

She didn’t forget though. What a love


Same here. Better pull it out for our wedding anniversary in a few weeks…


an exchange of cards and a box of Hotel Chocolate Chocs……

Nowt also !

I had a big pile of pressies this morning. It is my birthday though .


Happy Birthday :grin:

Have a great day!

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Happy birthday indeed.

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Happy Birthday Loo

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We both forgot :hugs:

I got a card, oh and we have steak and wine…

What no chocolate bar !