Vegetable faff 🍆

You could just boil the fuck out of them, or you could choose faff :slightly_smiling_face:

Some great side dish ideas here -

Keep scrolling if you don’t like beetroot!


I reckon about 60% of what I eat (i.e. what my wife cooks) comes from the first Hugh F-W veg book.

Which one’s that Guy?

I’m cherry picking stuff from Nigel Slaters two Greenfeast seasonal books.

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We have “Autumn, Winter” which the wife asked for last Christmas. I think she wants the other this year.

The Hugh F-W book is

which I think has now been reprinted as

There are other follow-ups, but the wife and both her sisters think the first book, best book.

Ottolenghi is banned from the house on the grounds of too many abstruse ingredients and too much faff.


I read that this morning and I’m on to the beetroot Hasselbeck, to be fair most of ottolenghi and hfw veg recipes are worth the effort. Just veg is great book, also if you pick up The gate restaurant books are also great for faff veggee


The River Cottage veg books are very good- the Ch4 series where he went vegetarian was also excellent.

As for Ottolenghi… I’m delighted to eat the recipes but they’re grossly over complex to bother making myself. This tweet summed it up for me;


Simple is a very good book for the above

I’m biased as I love ottolenghi cooking

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Spiralize all the veg!


Haha we were just talking about Ottolenghi last night and I was saying that even though I love a good bit of kitchen faff and have cupboards of relatively obscure spices etc… usually when I see an Ottolenghi recipe I think mmm that sounds interesting then hmmm I can’t be arsed with that much effort :stuck_out_tongue:

Fucking kaffir lime leaves is the main roadblock for me for most of those :stuck_out_tongue: Nice article though. I bet the book’s worth getting even if you ever cook one thing from it.

Like the dishoom book, which is beautiful

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Not liking or can’t get? if can’t get, Waitrose sell them.

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Almost all middle eastern grocers do huge bags of them for next to nowt

I think they are worth the faff

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The thing with ottolenghi cooking is I always try and double the recipe so there is plenty for another day, it is still mostly weekend cooking granted…

Again that’s why his simple book works for me in the week.

Also the food always looks appetizing so I’ve found it much easier getting my kids to try different veggies and flavours. My two will have a go at most things eventually if it is presented nice


Mine will have a go at most things eventually if it is in breadcrumbs and is chicken

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That’s fair enough. I live alone so the time and ingredient cost calculations don’t add up for me. As noted, I don’t have a problem eating them if someone else can be arsed to do it.


Making gnocchi later. Fluffy potatoes - check; 00 flour - check.

Big question - egg or no egg? :grimacing:

No egg.

Egg to improve/change texture, otherwise without, allowing for potato starch to bind.