VW Camper melts


You’re 'aving a giraffe, aren’t you Dave?


Buy this and take the AA with you. :nerd_face:


Not really Jim. For spares etc. and the engine (Diesel) is a good one.


Half price.



You can’t put a price on a mid life crisis.
But yeah looks more like £20k worth to me.


How much is a zillion cc motorbike?


Can you hire split screens for touring?


Yes. Although ive always thought that other VW campers were more practical for touring/ camping.


I’ve always preferred a sports car and series of nice hotels :grinning:


Bourgeois fucker :slightly_smiling_face:


Don’t tell Narelle that I like this statement :smirk:


What’s it worth :wink:


All campervan owners are bourgeoisie, and should have their heads splitscreened


Less of that youngster!


There’s got to be some proverb about people who spend most of their time in vans not throwing stones through the windows, hasn’t there :slight_smile: ?


I though I was the evil twin :angry:


You are :stuck_out_tongue:


You’re catching up quickly :angry:


on a recent trip to lake district , the local craft fair owner showed us round his van he had converted into a camper . , beautiful craftsmenship and been in magazine as an article apparently. he put recycled windows in etc and done it on a shoestring