VW Camper melts



That is very nice. :heart_eyes:


Looks like something from the pages of a Ikea catalogue :grin:


I could get one cheap? The handie needs to drop 6"


It’s a shambles. They can’t find 4 of the same chairs, They’ve a fecking surf board where the fridge should be & the fridge is standing in a parking bay obstructing access to the cooker & half of the kitchen units. The only way that kitchen could look more ridiculous would be if someone parked a camper van in it.


This copy just appeared on discogs.


It’s not a VW, I’ve owned a couple and they’re too small, overpriced for what they are and generally a bit shit.

I bought an Italian/french hybrid on Friday, been away in it all weekend at a cider farm. Tidy job.


Noice !


My view this morning with a hangover, watching Winter Olympics on TV while my wife made bacon sandwiches…


Captains chair FTW!


Dad’s camper pride



“Set course for a field in Cornwall at warp factor 46mph.”


Ha, was blasting down the M5 at 80, faster you get there, faster you get on the cider.


You need tunes with subs an everythin. :+1: