WANTED - Aleph 2 Monos

Hi all. Seen a few of users here using/used these over the years, and I’m on the hunt. Anyone thinking of selling I’l jump at them.

PS… Beware of the Aleph’s on Hifishark being sold out of Sweden. I just got scammed big time.


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@edd9000 might be persuaded to build some for you, he’s way up on the spectrum so they’ll be good.

And welcome to the site!

Shuuushhh, Edd is busy, hopefully. :grinning:

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That’s shit man. I’m sure you’ll have a better experience if someone here is selling.

Hang on. I have something he should be working on now.
Queue forms behind me.:grinning:

Edd’s good, real good, but if it’s overweight, over engineered shit you want and budget isn’t a big problem @coco is your man.

Oh yeah, welcome to AA

Nice baffles.

Edit: Don’t panic, it’s a repair not a build.


And time, don’t forget the time :smiley:

Yeah, but I think it’s still only years, not decades.

so far …

Yeah, there’s a slight chance that I may have replied to the wrong person there.

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Classis AA thread, the OP asks about a pair of Pass Aleph monos, and he is offered a collection of DIY burning amps :+1: fine work chaps

Unfortunately he also just missed a pair of unadvertised Aleph monos which changed hands a couple of weeks ago. I believe that @dom is the proud new father of a pair.

Welcome, good luck with the search, and what speakers do you hope to use them with btw?


Who mentioned NVA?

You could make him some Simon, I understand you are a bit handy with a soldering iron. :smiley:

Solid state

Although I do have 2 of the diyaudio Nelson Pass VFET kits that are on my never ending list of projects :grin:


I did wonder if you’d lower yourself…

careful, @thebiglebowski will be along any minute, its like saying beetlejuice thrice


He’s more exercised with Onix these days, who appear to be professional con artists rather than a deceased nutter.

Haha lovely welcome, thank you guys!

Yeah the scam situation is really upsetting. I had a very detailed conversation about the condition of the amps and sound where they were purchased etc, and once the money was transferred, the guy disappeared, its been 2 weeks no replies. So I had a friend inquire about the amps on the side yesterday and he got an instant reply, from a new different fake name, asking all the same questions. And I’ve since come to realize it was all a very elaborate scam, all lies. I’ve opened a claim through my bank’s fraud dept, hoping I can try to retrieve the funds, but I really don’t know anymore. Lesson learned.

But, I’m still dead set on Aleph!

I’m running a pair of old ADS L1290s at 30wpc (they’ll anywhere take from 15–300 and sensitivity is 90db) … when trying my friend’s Bryston at 100w (I think) they really came alive, so I’ve been looking for 100+ watts, and given my preamp is quite on the analytical side, I feel like the Alephs would tame that a bit, bring out some better mids and hopefully ease some of the glare in the top. The one time I heard the Alephs in person I was really impressed, it was just very enjoyable and non-fatiguing. At home, my listening room has hallow wood floor, so while everyone tells me I might be lacking in the bass with this amp/speaker combo, I doubt it, as it is now my main issue is taming the boom. In any case, if the combo lacks I’m in the market for speakers as well :slight_smile:

OK rant over. Looking forward to digging through the forum!

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I hope you find a pair, l really do like mine, sadly staying put.

What speakers are you using?

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