Wanted: Cartridge to fit Audio Note Arm 1

My Ortofon MC 25 FL has reached the end of the road. I’m keen to get the turntable back up and running, so am looking for a replacement.

Budget has some flex in it, but let’s say up to about £250 or thereabouts.

Deck is an Orbe with Audio Note Arm 1. Phono stage is a Sugden Masterclass, which is configurable to suit pretty much any cartridge.

If you have something suitable (or any experience of matching cartridges to the Audio Note arm) please let me know. I’ve been using the MC 25 FL for a long time now, so have no idea what I should be looking for as a replacement.

If you have a cheap cartridge that will tide me over until I decide on something for the longer term, that might also work.


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Needs a MC setup, but these are basically pared-back Cadenzas in cheap shells:


Thanks - that Ortofon looks good for the money.

I have the ‘Bronze’ version (and previously, ‘Black’), they really are bloody good for the money, even at new prices.

Looks like it sold

Ah, yes it did.

Maybe I’ll up the budget a little. Just remembered I’m getting my non-consolidated, taxable £1500 ‘shut the fuck up and stop striking’ payment from the government at the end of this month. I’ll be buggered if I give them the satisfaction of seeing me spend it on tins of beans, the leccy bill and poison-tipped arrows for my bunker*.

*Most of it will be spent on such things.


I have this

Funnily enough, I once had a Hana SL, which I never got round to fitting and later sold on. I often regret that, so this could be an opportunity…

I’ll drop you a PM shortly.


Well, thanks to catcando, it appears I am now sorted with a Hana SL.

Happy days