Wanted: Cool running power amp

For summer duties.

Must be min of 100wpc.

Must not get hot!

Must sound great.

Not too much to ask then :grin:

Budget? Definite no-no’s? Anything you had in mind?

I was just looking at a pair of Jeff Rowland 501 monos but I don’t really want to spend that much

Maybe £1k - 1.5k

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I have a Threshold Stasis S300 which runs cool, in nice condition. Looking for £850.

Sounds interesting Bob. tinterwebs says it is a Nelson Pass Class A design. Surprised it doesn’t run hot :thinking:

I’ve been eyeing up one of these for summer duties, George 47 on the Wam has done a review here,

Possibly a sale or return can be arranged.

Budget increase of 50% within 7 minutes :smiley:


Second hand Modwright could be just the ticket.

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What about a nice Behringer A500 or even two :wink: ?

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I thought the same, but it runs cool, lots of heatsinking may be the answer.

My Alephs have more heatsinking than any other amp I know, but you could still fry an egg on them!

A gainclone build with two or three paralleled devices per channel and a nice chunky power supply could work?

Out of wood?

There is a Mark Levinson 431 on audio-markt.de.


Bob dragged the threshold round here for a bakey thing and I too was amazed at how cool it runs

if you wanted to swap for the summer months Jim I have a KSA 100 krell amp you could borrow or a pioneer SA9500 old school amp

From the man who steered you towards the Aleph mono’s may I present these:


http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Roksan-Caspian-Platinum-Power-Amp-/351974709603 130 wpc.