Wanted: Hifi rack

My 5 shelf Stands Unique rack has served me well for a long, long time, but I now need to accommodate the hifi in a space under a window, so the current setup is too tall.

I’m looking for something shorter and wider (max height approx 60-70cm).

Edit: must be a colour other than black, because of reasons.

Happy to pay cash and/or do a deal including my Stands Unique rack.


I’ve got a spare Atacama two shelf rack no longer in use. It’s 105W, 55D and 33H. If it’s of any interest i could get it to Scalford for a AA/Wam taxi possibly… It’s got a few marks, and a chip to one of the glass shelves, but fine apart from that.

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Thanks - that sounds very promising. I’ll drop you a pm.


The Atacama would have been great, but sadly it’s in black and has been vetoed.

Offer much appreciated, but the search continues.

Good luck :smiley:

I have a cheap and nasty TV stand like this: http://www.poundstretcher.co.uk/glass-tv-stand-clear

You can have it if you like. It’s not very solid, and I’m not travelling up north any time soon. Apart from that… :blush:

Ask Mrs Horace what is acceptable, then get on to Stump Furniture and have them build what you need within the acceptable design tolerances you have been given. It’ll cost you an extra £300 if you push the boat out.

Otherwise, convert the garage and recreate the Piper Alpha using Mana stands under your system in your new man cave/cell of loneliness. This might be very expensive…

I have a 4 shelf Sound Organisation rack in classic black on black (you could paint it). Like this 'un…

Not in as good condition as the one in the photo, mind :poop:

Thanks, but I’m getting rather bored of thinking about furniture. I mean, looking for a tonearm or a pair of speakers is fun - exciting even. But racks are dull.

Beginning to wonder if something from Ikea might be good enough. Plenty of fancy hifi racks about if you want to spend a fortune on nicely finished oak, but my heart’s not in it. I’d rather have a new arm or cartridge.

Is the whole ‘isolation’ thing a myth? Not sure I’m convinced (turntable supports excepted).

Bored, bored, bored.

Then mine would be perfect :grin:

Ha! Yes, it would.
Mrs Horace doesn’t want boring though. She wants a perfect meeting of form and function - one which magically removes any indication that the beautiful piece of furniture houses anything as dull as hifi.

Yeah, wish me luck…

Luck :smiling_imp:

Lose the drawers,and bobs your auntie

I like Ikea…

Other option: get some long flat bits of wood, some short bits, some spikey things and some spike shoe things and…

I’m no joiner, but there are only two different sizes to deal with (shelves and supports) so maybe I could have it all pre-cut for me.

On second thoughts, it will look like shit - because I was involved in it (in however small a way).


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6 bricks and 3 planks. Jobs an average 'un :thumbsup:


I suppose I could try playing the ‘shabby chic’ card. But the thought of it makes me queasy.

Maybe I could paint the bricks or summat.

Wait, how about a rack made of Lego?

Old wallpapering table with shortened legs…

Nice vintage mahogany sideboard…

Pair of stepladders and some decking…

There you go. Thinking outside the box :thumbsup: