Wanted - Monitor Audio Studio 20 or Bowers and Wilkins 704 in VG condition


I’m looking for a Monitor Audio Speakers Studio 20 in very condition without issues or any damage on cabinets too.



Do you hate music or just yourself? :rofl:

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Great to have you on here but i think you might be better off looking on AV forums or ebay for these .

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Wrong question my friend. Maybe you don’t have any idea how that speakers sounds amazing. I don’t know how old you have, but seems that you dont understand nothing of speakers with quality that are made in the past.
Sorry for my honesty.


Hi, thank you for the tip :slight_smile:

Yes, I know that, a few weeks ago I have a found a pristine Studio 20 in Gumtree but all gone so quick.

Thanks again

Old enough to enjoy good vintage speakers thanks.


These are probably great if you’re old enough to be unable to hear treble


Monitor audio are marmite speakers imho , some love their presentation and build . someone i know loves his platinum 300 but i am not a fan of the brand

Really? I don’t think so, anyway how old are you fella?

About my grammar, first, the English is not my native language, and secondly, how many languages you speak fella? so, I presume that you knock at the wrong door!!!
If you want to argue with me any matter about what was the good hifi please do, don’t be affraid fella, is that clear???


You’re going to get on great here :+1:

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You have any problem with me? Do you me a favour, go to your nearest GP as fast as you can.

Anyone? Still looking Monitor Audio Studio 20


There’s some.

Thank you cragger :slight_smile:

Keswick audio was made by dean hartley who went onto monitor audio design . I guess it may just be possible that these lovely keswick volante may fit the bill ?

You need a hearing test mate if you are considering wall paper strippers like these :rofl:

Not exackerly vintage tho’ :thinking:

Wayne, stop being a prick for once.


Except they are not Studio 20’s.

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