Wanted: Power Amplifier

Need a replacement power amp as have been told mine might not be repairable.

Neutral sound preferred with a healthy input impedance as I use a passive pre.

Something Class A or A/B would be nice.

Budget up to £1000.

If you have anything suitable please get in touch.

Alternatively, I might consider a very good integrated.



Got a Perreaux PMF-3150 if interested. £700.


There’s a Krell kav 400xi for £990 on the other place. It’s near me and I could inspect / collect for you.


As per AA rules I will advise something for twice the budget.:smiley:

Or if the budget can’t be stretched this:

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Thanks everyone so far.

I’ll do some research on the Perraux.

Thanks, had a Krell power amp once, not sure it’s a brand I want to re-visit.

I found it a bit too solid statey and grainy.

Thanks, I had a Plinius integrated and didn’t get on with it despite it getting rave reviews.I found it very coloured sounding. It also had a couple of issues and caused me some grief.

I know the ones you have linked to might be completely different, but my experience put me off the brand somewhat.

Maybe list all the brands you have already ruled out and then, much like all the ‘what car’ threads, after everyone has put their oar in you can just go and buy what you always had in the back of your mind in the first place.:clown_face:


I thought you might say that. I thought it was a good price.

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Blow your budget and buy my Perreaux integrated :+1:

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If you did that you could ditch a pre and save.
No complaints with my Perreaux at all!

I have a pair of Rowen PA-1 monoblocks if they’re of any interest. £400 the pair.

It is. And to be fair it could be better than the one I owned…

Thank you. Don’t know this brand, will research.

Ha, I’ll think about it.

Ha! I honestly don’t have anything in the back of my mind. That’s the truth. I really do need help with this.

However I will list a few brands I’ve owned and wouldn’t be in a rush to re-visit and I’ll update the list if I have forgotten anything and remember it later.

Audio Synthesis

What speakers will it be driving?


I’m selling a pair of DIY Avondale Qudos monoblocks that are in your budget.

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I have a pair of Doge 9 211 power monoblocks for sale in your price bracket.