Wanted: starter vinyl set up: Part 2 - Pick me big speakers to annoy his parents!

So, my young nephew who’s 15 has seen the set up I’ve put together for my daughter and has decided that he’d rather like something similar.

He’s not going to get that though, he’s going to get something close as possible but a lot frigging cheaper.

Another chance to introduce the younger generation to the joys of hifi sound and playing records.

Anyone got a cheap deck or integrated amp, (with phono inputs), a pair of small speakers too that they’d let be willing to let go for little or next to fuck all? Perhaps your missus is nagging you to get rid, perhaps you’ve woken up to your chronic hoarding sickness and decided you need to spring clean your life - seize the opportunity to do something positive and satisfying.

Whatcha got?

Pro-Ject Debut 111 (SE’d) with Ortofon 5E (low hours) recently serviced. No packaging though.

Yours for £50.


Ooh that’s spot on - pm incoming.


Wharfedale Diamond III’s in excellent nick.
No box.



I’ve a JVC Integrated doing nowt - will need to check everything is working ok on it tho’ as it’s been a while since it’s been fired up. Can send pics if needed ?

Sorry meant to say if you can cover postage the amp is a freebie :+1:


Very generous dude, I reckon those would be spot on, thanks.

Brilliant, very generous. Yes please a picture would be great. Does it have a phono stage?

I’ll post some pics in the morning. It does have a phono stage but I never used it - however I’ll check everythings working ok before sending it :+1:

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That went well :slightly_smiling_face:

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Respect to all the guys who helped a youngster with his first system.
Big thumbs up. Let’s get em early.


Yep, it never ceases to amaze me how generous people on here can be :clap::clap::clap:.

The lad’s taste is a bit varied too, from Gorillaz, ambient electronica, to 50’s (from playing Fallout).


Here’s a few pics of the amp

I’ll check everything is working during the week and report back


Just to say a big thanks and appreciation for the help and generosity of folks putting together a cracking set up for my young nephew - he is really pleased with it and can’t believe how good it sounds.

Cheers to @spacehopper, @freefallrob, and @MGOwner :+1:

His parents are overwhelmed too :joy:


Doubt they will be saying thanks when he buys these in 5 years time.


Follow up!

I’m looking to buy him a pair of speakers for his upcoming birthday. Ideally classic vintage Japanese style in looks, and up to about 24 inches high. Ideally £150 ish.

Sadly I’ve had my offer turned down for the Technics SB R4s on ebay but that’s the kind of thing I’m after.

Any ideas chaps?

Another possibility.

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Those look tempting apart from the classic ‘just pulled them out the loft don’t know if they work’ line…