Wanted: starter vinyl set up: Part 2 - Pick me big speakers to annoy his parents!

And the “Plymouth, so miles away” bit…

Lol, sorry I didn’t read the description.

Starting bid is £150 on these though.

Yep they’re tempting price wise. They’re also pretty far away but the seller may travel (but I ain’t paying full price for the benefit).

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They look pretty cool those Technics ones.

Got a pair of JBL L86 with no covers you can have for £150

They have new foam surrounds from about a year ago.


Very tempting, I think these are top of the list.

These are nice too -

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These might please the boy but utterly fuck off his parents!


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Gotta be them then :+1:

I’ve got a pair of them available if you want them Wayne

The grilles only have small Velcro strips to hold them on rather than the plugs which are all broken - being a lazy bassa I never got round to fixing them. Also there is some slight fading to the left grille and a few marks and dings but that’s the way there were when I bought them.

I can do more detailed pics if you’re interested.


What about this.


What about building some with him over a couple of weekends in summer?

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These look like they’d impress his mates. That has to be a consideration, surely.

He who dares wins Rodney

Reminds me of the time i got into a bidding war to buy a pair of broken Goodmans High Impact Monitor 440s on eBay for £40. I restored them, enjoyed them for a while and then put them on eBay for 99p with no reserve, reasoning that surely they would attract even more interest now they were lovingly fettled. Wrong - they sold for £2.20. :worried:

I was gutted until this nice couple came to collect them and it turned out they’d been purchased by their grandson to use in his hall of residence room at university. I cheered up a bit after that!

As an aside, some great suggestions in this thread. I fancy one or two of them myself…




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