We are trialling a new forum landing page

Click on your avatar, then settings cogwheel, select summary and scroll right down to the bottom of the page

No need! Latest is the entire right hand column.


Dear forum deities, the improvement is making complications

Ahhh that’s interesting I don’t get that page from my bookmarks but I do now when I hit the AA logo… Excellent👍

Did you try my suggestion?

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I did, all I can see is Top Badges ??

Can you check again?

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Yup, same, what am I looking for?

Haha made you do it twice


Is it a full moon tonight?



On the lines of how the landing page looks - do we still need the (locked) butcher’s lounge there? If it’s dead bin it.

Looks unwelcoming to have a padlock area on the landing page, albeit defunct.

Stop it
Put everything back to the way it was before the internet.


It seems to work very well, but I wouldn’t say that it is intuitive to use if that matters. Also the Logo for the forum is not very, well, not very anything much. Maybe, if the Abatoire word doesn’t really matter (I get the reason, on forum startup, but now?) a more pictorial Logo might be nicer?
How about a little movie. A simply drawn, rotating turntable, with a tiny dead cow, legs in the air, going round and round on it?

We have discussed the logo before, and the somewhat ‘lo-fi’ nature of it is deliberate.

That, and we are cheap-ass mofos :smiley:


I’ll let you use a picture of my Aga or some Shakti stones for a small fee.


Christmas Cat 365 days a year

why don’t you make the category list a pulldown from the homepage? I can’t help feeling it is taking up too much real estate on my screen. If it is a permanent fixture, can’t you make the category column narrower? And it makes a complete jumble and mess of my mobile viewing…

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I presume the fact that the current logo resembles two wigwams is entirely accidental rather than a subliminal nod to our former home among experienced audiophiles.

Looks like the old Automobile Association logo.