We are trialling a new forum landing page


ah that’s a much better layout . brilliant


This one?


One thing this thread is good for is outing the luddites.




On mobile iPhone it’s gash


Skim read this thread, so probably been said…Fine on laptop, not so fine on my smartphone, needs a “latest” button at the top to get back to what I consider the home page straight away, 2 clicks is rubbish.



Try grindr.com


Same on an iPad also…


On the iPad can you try:

  1. Click hamburger menu
  2. Choose Request Desktop Site

Have a play with that and let me know how it runs on there.


Have you tried one of these?


I’m already running in desktop mode, works fine apart from lack of latest button…


You don’t need a Latest button then!


I get Yeh two column view on two iPad.

It’s mobile that’s a pain for me.


True I can backspace, but it was nice just pressing the AA logo…


Click on your avatar, then settings cogwheel, select summary and scroll right down to the bottom of the page


No need! Latest is the entire right hand column.


Dear forum deities, the improvement is making complications


Ahhh that’s interesting I don’t get that page from my bookmarks but I do now when I hit the AA logo… Excellent👍


Did you try my suggestion?


I did, all I can see is Top Badges ??

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