We are trialling a new forum landing page


Until someone posts an inappropriate cat picture and the Cat Protection and Safeguarding policy kicks in.


Fingers crossed,


@browellm told me no


Can we have this on the home page on looped auto play?


Here is this weeks Mr. MWS theme tune

Mr. MWS remains engorged with hatred for the new inconvenient layout that he claims is: “Pregnant with stupid”.


I haven’t looked at this thread for weeks

has anything been decided?


Democracy has failed the simple contributor of this fair forum. Imbecilic changes imposed without consultation, consideration or care have been hoisted upon the meek under the guise of benefiting the newcomer.

I would like to take this opportunity to offer a heartfelt fuck off to any newcomer with suggestions of how to improve what no one was actually having difficulty with and draw their attention to the ‘Vote’ up thread which could be construed as the will of the people.

Of course this vote has been duly ignored by the pork lords of this chop shop which leads to the cuntesque conclusion that you dear reader are not valued or worthy of a voice.

This from the ‘rebels’ forum, this from the supposed ‘Anarchists playground’ a boundary less blank sheet of disorganized fun who’s birth sprang forth from an oppressive regime. NO Sir! The Abattoirs BBQ is not cooking your favorite carcass it is cooking it’s own soul…The Bonzos said it best


Shit just got real.


It can be adequately explained by the fact that they are a bunch of cnuts.


It was better before.
The end.


Just imagine there was no ‘before’.


Didn’t our glorious leader say he could make an adjustment that would put the ‘latest’ tab on the front page when viewing on a mobile…he just hasn’t got around to it yet it…possibly because he’s recovering from a major op?

so winds yer necks in, you scabby twats


Bring it on, er…, brother!


Oh dear - the smell of compromise wafts towards my scabby nostrils.


There was though - it got deleted :rofl:


There won’t be again if Jon fat fingers things.


When it comes to promisies by great leaders think Donald Trump rather than Barack Obama. :stuck_out_tongue:


I see we are up to 225 members. If we discount all those who might be Rocky but have forgotten, or Rabski but are too busy building amps to post, there must be at least 40 active members. The new landing page has clearly worked :crazy_face:.


I still think Captain Whiskas is AA’s best recruiting Sergeant :joy:


We should have a take-off page too. :slight_smile: