We are trialling a new forum landing page


We’re not that cruel, FFS.


Ah, backtracking on your promises now. What about the £350M a week for prog lovers?


Fixt. :+1:

Yet another example where the mistakes of the 1970’s are being corrected by reinflicting the 1970’s on us (or the 1690’s if you are in the DUP).


What was the question again?


Something about cats


Careful, or we’ll bring out the bagpipes.


Will there be an alliance with another forum to help our hung forum?


The best argument for simultaneous Scottish independence and rebuilding of Hadrian’s Wall (including extra soundproofing).




But where would you find a HiFi forum that has credulous imbeciles that live in the dark ages?


If you believe in justice, if you believe in fairness for the technically disinterested, if you believe in logic, if you believe in the wisdom of simplicity, If you believe change for changes sake is moronic, or that we don’t want cable sponsors - then you my sugar titted friend, are in the wrong place. (MOD TEAM)

This being the case, may I suggest the forums language coding is changed to Athabaskan and additional retina scanning security installed, running say every 45 seconds, for log in? I am convinced Indian spirit guides are watching our every move and there are numerous (at least 3) new braves who would appreciate it if we would be so kind as to be inconvenienced whilst they contribute nothing and plot to steal our ponies.


Saturday, my place - the winner is a foregone conclusion…:wink:


If it was just eating then you’d have to remember that Dean will be there.



If it’s a draw, mods votes count double (or maybe treble)…in fact, even if it isn’t a draw…:grin:


No it’s not.


My vote(s) can be bought :relieved:


Not just your votes, I’ve heard…


Cheeky :smirk:


How long is this drudgery expected to last by the way?


Some fish puns to liven up the thread, perhaps hmmmm?