We are trialling a new forum landing page


All this has done is made me change my bookmark back to the latest page.

Fuck all use otherwise.

Clicking the AA tab in the top left of my iPad no longer brings me back to where I want to be, though. :cry:


Had there been a public enquiry? I shall demand one forthwith.


That’s fine really. No harm done in that case.

The main issue will be for mobile users that like the Latest category. It’s one extra click for them.


Fuck em :thumbsup:


That’s definitely a plus :grinning:




How d’ya mean?


Except for the edit I added… as an iPad and mobile user only I can’t get back to “latest” by the tap on the AA banner logo.

Unless the new front page has a “latest” link to return to the page you have in your first post?


Can somebody recommend me a good quality coffee grinder please?


Only through the hamburger menu button at the moment.



I can see the latest posts on this new screen, but the menu guff on the left seems a bit redundant and was always on a drop down link at the top anyway.

Not sure what the hamburger link is?!

Edit: can see the latest link now, on the line under the AA bit, third word along! Can handle that. As you said, just one more click.


Great job. :ok_hand:


My first thought on seeing the very nice and clean new landing page is that a certain other forum with its 40-ish sub-forums could learn a thing or two… But I knew that someone else would have already made the joke. :wink:

As for the new landing page, it looks very nice, though maybe Category column could be narrower, more like a menu, and the Latest column wider.


That is very sensible advice. Have you hacked @notaclue’s account?


Three horizontal lines, top right corner.


It’s on the page anyway… after categories.
although that’s iPad.

iPhone is still two clicks!


I use a mobile device almost all the time, and liked the latest facility. Sigh.

How about changing the logo so that it consists of two pictures or links, one for Audio and one for Abattoir. Clicking one takes you to the landing page, clicking the other to the latest. Is that possible?


It hasn’t gone away on mobile, but it takes two clicks to get there instead of one.


It needs a propper logo, I suggest an Aga. :innocent:


That’s rage quit material right there