We are trialling a new forum landing page


Oh. Are you seeing it as locked ?



Logo competition
Logo competition

How strange.



…- -…


Just went on to the CA forum and looks they are using the same software, looks quite good to me



No, it’s not Discourse.


For the record


Does that software include backups, just saying like :wink:


Interesting find. On the new front page, right hand column, if you scroll down, to where it says “more”, the page resorts to the old style!


Or if you hit the “latest” button at the top…


It’s not the old style it just takes you to the ‘latest’ page, where you can see more thread updates/replies. Previously this latest page was the landing page.


:confused: That is the same software as Hi-Fi Wigwam. It’s much more yer traditional forum style.


Anyone else still not liking the landing page?


I still don’t like it much.

Is it actually being trialled, as per the thread title, or is it actually being arbitrarily imposed upon us, like hard Brexit?


Members divided by complaints (allowing for multiple complaints by the same member) x 100 = % result.



I rather liked the lock in jaded post HiFi approach of AA, it had a touch of special needs panache about it. The bowing to newbie requests thing is a poor show. It carries with it the tinged aroma of regulation.


Don’t like change.

Can we put the classifieds back in a list …


You’re on a list for sure.

  • Meh, the new landing page is fine
  • Mommy, can we go back, I’m scared

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I voted go back as its a PITA on a phone. Add a latest button to the top and all will be forgiven.