We are trialling a new forum landing page


All you have to do is press categories then latest…

watsamarrer…scared you’ll wear out the end of your finger? :grin:


Improvements requiring additional efforts for the same result are not improved.
I will send my recommendations to Hollands red light district to turn off the red lights so that passers by have to turn on individual lights to see whats on offer. This will enhance their browsing experience


Where is the ‘Fuck this, I can’t be arsed to vote’ button?


I remember a great tutorial about how to remove red-eye in Photoshop. This was a while ago, and there was no automatic system. You had to mask for red, circle the red bit on the eye accurately and do something to replace this with some derived white balance thing.

The guy doing the tutorial - a Photoshop pro - was laughing about how simple it was. He was a cunt.


Where as before i just clicked on the big logo and got to latest. Fat fingers and small drop down menus on a phone screen do not mix well. Its a total pita.


It’s the same disease that afflicts Hotmail, Photobucket & every other popular site. Bored fuckers can’t leave stuff alone. It’s to do with the diminished attention span brought on by too much smartphone use. :smiley:

and the emoji button doesn’t work any more either. Cunts.


Pretty sure you just found it.


I use it mainly on a laptop, so it’s fine, but on my Windows 10 phone it’s shite.


It’s not new, it’s just a different config, based on some comments, hence trying it out.

We were going to take the feedback on board, but might just now do the opposite of what the poll says out of spite. :smile:


Yeah. And that’s also how we got transistors, if you ask me :frowning_face:.



Isn’t making things shite a special feature of the Windows 10 phone?



Id be working right now to add an additional submenu for the latest button.


Fwiw, I don’t disagree that it’s annoying on mobile. Let’s just hope the unwashed masses vote the right way.

We can always ban them, like Corbyn, if they kick up a fuss.

50:50 at the mo. Useless twats. Democracy is wasted on you.


Too much rounding in the code
Its actually 6 v 7. End the poll - we’ve won!

Edit - not quite, had to refresh, so now showing correct %. But whatever its a clear win.

Edit again, too late :frowning:


We were lied to in the run up to this vote. The result is invalid.


Something this important should never have been put to a vote in the first place.


If you run a referendum and you get a 52% - 48% split there are three important things to remember

  1. Fuck the 48% they lost and are a bunch of tossers. The will of the people demands they should be ignored forthwith.
  2. Don’t run fucking referendums where you can sort stuff out if you can be arsed.
  3. Ignore item 1 and refer to item 2 always.


We’re all too dumb & ill informed to be allowed a say on this kind of thing.



I would suggest that the “Latest” should default to the most recent threads that you haven’t read or subscribed to. Those should be well hidden.