We have a live one - Mr MWS is being Trolled - Calling AA rescue services

As dealer scumbag I am partial to popping the odd ad in the papers for record collections. Yesterday I received this:

Initially I rather thought it was a pal on the wind up but then the creeping realization that M.E.N stands for ‘Manchester Evening News’ cast a modicum of doubt. Fortunately any doubts were knackered by Mr.MWS who simply couldn’t resist

I do like a nice troll and I am reminded of some fantastic Nigerian scammer moves - AA I await your guidance for the next response


I’d be asking about condition. Doubt it’s mint.

Bass looks nice and tight though

Thank her for pic,and ask her how much that floor is per square metre






I am happy to troll ladyboys, heshe’s and or hermaphrodites

Tell her you’re a grrrrl but you have to pretend to be a guy to be taken seriously by the little old ladies who are your target market


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that ain’t no first press!

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Tim would not approve.

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I may ask if he / she would like a pic of me and send a pic of Tim

Your first reply should have been ‘your’. :slight_smile:

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Bit harsh to call Matt that…

I’m troubled by what appears to be a reflection from a mirror at the foot of the bed.

WTF is going on there?

There are hints of this.

You’d need to get some images of the collection before hot footing it up to Manchester.


Christ, that is as creepy as fuck.

…Warming up nicely

No need to zoom but here’s a Sam selfie.

Have you checked for inner groove wear?

I’m more concerned about ‘feelable marks’