Weird Food Combinations that Work...maybe. (We've moved on from Hot Cross Buns)


Not sure… I’ve gone to the Garam Masala jar and that definitely contains Garam Masala… but the mixed spice stuff definitely smells ‘unusual’.

It’ll be reet once baked.

I hope.


Curried HXBs…different!

Mind you, the creme brulees you brought to Sodders’ were very tasty indeed, so I have high hopes for your buns :+1:


We’ve seen many a man fall at the last hurdle on this thread Jim.

They are fickle mistress the HXB. Time will tell…

Fuck it… I’m going to knock back, bake, then go to the beach with dog. Been up since half past 5 with this malarkey.


Hang on. Sorry to bring up a detail, but it’s Easter Sunday I think. This thread should have been closed at midnight and another one started on Easter eggs.



The Alban buns contain cardamom as the primary spice. You don’t have to use the standard ones.


happy easter to you all


It’s also April fools day. The wastrel plumber is still a bed posting pics from cookery websites.


Au contraire …

All glazed up and nowhere to go… apart from the oven.

Could have made them neater I think but in truth cannot be arsed anymore. Quick ten mins final prove before oven.


What is that draped across them?


Shortcrust pastry and a limoncello glaze lovingly handcrafted into a depiction of the cross that Christ died on for our sins.


Well, it’s different :open_mouth:


Innovate dont imitate.


Plumber’s dozen…


They’re out.

Dunno what to make of this other than some work needs to be done understanding the modulus of elasticity between the cross and the main bun.

The shape needs dealing with also.


So Ritchie’s looked fantastic (and were fantastic, probably) but he thought they were stodgy. Yours … well I guess they could taste fantastic.



They look a bit rustic, but fuck all that eating with your eyes nonsense, i eat with my gob!! :yum:


Not sure… maybe a bit cloying.

Will go for a walk and then toast a few on my return once an appetite has been developed.


Mmmm… Perfect!


Isn’t it normal to put the glaze on after they’ve been in the oven?

And pastry crosses? What’s that about?

Doing 12 on a tray means that if you let them do the last rise on that tray they are nicely aligned to pipe the crosses on continuously rather than having to hand fabricate pastry crosses for each individual bun.

The inside looks fine but I do prefer toasted to not toasted.


Inside looks great! I’m a bit envious…