Weird Food Combinations that Work...maybe. (We've moved on from Hot Cross Buns)


Sausages and chips seem to work quite well for me.


And you pretentious cunts have the temerity to moan about sausage and bacon sandwiches,


Indeed-add some strawberries and basil too…mmm


The other essential use for vinegar is on Brussels sprouts.


Pineapple, fresh lime and black pepper


Bit iffy on the breath ??


we are talking about black pepper not garlic. Mind you garlic might be quite good to try

Chopped green chilli is good on pineapple, but we’ve run out.


ahh you mean the mints! No it’s what I do instead of smoking and NRT. No fags for 3 years and been off the NRT lozenges for a year, having the mints is a replacement for them


the remainder of the pineapple was served with some grinds of Szechuan Pepper, and it worked better than the black pepper deployed yesterday


I was shocked when served square sausages in Scotland. But they tasted nice. Deep fried I think.


As previously mentioned, everything is deep fried in Scotchland…


You mean ‘Lorne’ sausage?

and,it’s usually shallow pan fried, not deep fried.


I know.