Weird Food Combinations that Work...maybe. (We've moved on from Hot Cross Buns)


Bacon sandwich: yes.
Bacon plus fried tomatoes, crispy lettuce: yes.
Bacon plus sausage or egg: no.

Sausage sandwich: yes.
Sausage plus fried tomatoes: yes.
Sausage plus egg: hell yes.
Sausage plus lettuce: no.

Egg sandwich: yes.
Egg plus anything except sausage: fuck no.

I have some clear rules on this, it seems. Ones that I’d never really considered before.


Egg + Black pudding = win


I love mushrooms of all types, but not on a bacon sarnie, oh no. :grimacing:

I’ll leave that to the funzie deviant. :+1:


Don’t mince about with half-arsed sandwiches. Get the job done properly every time. Fried slice if you must have bread. Selected spud related items may also be necessary.


This alone deserves its own entry in the Cockpunching thread.

I am surprisingly relieved to hear that.


I couldn’t be arsed correcting the smell checker


Assumed it was some kind of Heston Blumensilly-ism TBH. It’s the kind of toss you see on the menus of wankier establishments :angry:


It meant to say “crumbled”


Me too :exploding_head:


try a stink horn


Anyone tried shit with sugar on ? That’s what me mum used to tell me I was having for tea.


Fig and date Balsamic vinegar syrup on top of Kelly’s Clotted Cream icecream :+1:

Who’dathunkit, vinegar and icecream ?


A good balsamic is excellent with ice cream. :blush:




Hey, there are people who think vinegar and strawberries go well together … strawberrries and cream are popular … so I can see how you got to vinegar and cream, obviously.

Coffee and cream is a thing. Would sir like vinegar in his coffee ? On his trifle ? Rubbed into his sunburnt skin ?



Try adding some coarsely ground black pepper or some proper Sichuan pepper


Strawberries don’t go well with anything. I am allergic to the red bastards, won’t kill me by effecting my breathing, but I get a severe itching rash from them. Makes shopping awkward sometimes- you be surprised how many dessert products have the buggers hiding in them.


Actually, black pepper, balsamic and strawberries are epic !


Small children will put pretty much anything into their mouths. Most of them grow out of it. For those that never develop a sense of taste though there is ‘balsamic and strawberries’. And that Icelandic delicacy consisting of some dead beached sea-life which is buried in the sand for a few months to rot down properly (Norse things are epic aren’t they ?).



S’OK, I s’pose :unamused: