What albums have you bought lately?


Latest from Drone Rock Records.

Sounded ok on the phone. Although they do all start to get a bit samey!


I got that one in the rarer translucent red vinyl.


It only arrived yesterday. Not had a chance to listen yet as I’m working. Will let you know though.




The red isn’t rarer. The splatter is the limited version!


I know the splatter is Limited but there’s 200 of those and 100 of the red.
Drone Rock often do that.


Thank you.


In French or English ?


Oh aye. Hardly special then if there’s loads! Never noticed that.


Just had a listen on Tidal. I really like it. The recordings sound excellent so I’m looking forward to hearing the vinyl. Overall it’s probably an album for a fan more than a general release. Considering these are early 80s versions it’s not hard to hear his talent and see why he became the huge success that he did.


Burning Shed bastids done got me (again)


Long time to wait for the vinyl :disappointed:

I still ordered it last week, but to have to wait until March 2019 seems ridiculous :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Really loving this album especially the last track by Kokoroko

and then found this too

which led on to this

So the question is can anybody, @vacdac, @spacehopper recommend something I can buy on vinyl with this vibe? Thanks.


Mr W is known to be a tad OCD about quality so he’s probably got a booking running at a decent pressing plant.
After the debacle/shambles/clusterfuck with the Japan, Abbey Rd reissues, over 1/2 of which are miss pressed/warped or both, i dont mind the wait tbh.

Meantime we have a film to keep us going, out early November…
Home Invasion: In Concert At The Royal Albert Hall


Very similar to the route I’m going down Paul.

Young Blood Brass Band, Byard Lancaster and some of the Pharoah Sanders is similar to this and very good.


It’s a chronic case of The Jazz now, Mike.


Not exactly Jazz Gareth, more like Jazz infused world music, Acid Jazz etc.


Thanks Mike. Will check them out on qobuz. The only thing I have in my collection with a vaguely similar vibe in places is this. Well worth a listen.


Denial, Mike, denial.

I also have The Jazz, but I have learned to live with it.