What albums have you bought lately?


Good, good. The denial has been replaced by anger. You’ll soon be OK.



and, breathe.

Better now. Some of the more left field stuff is interesting and pretty good.


Cheers Paul.

I’ll give that a spin :+1:



I really like this one, featuring Pharoah Sanders.

Warning: also contains flutes.


I’ll also give this a try :+1:


Cheers for the heads up Pete. Just booked a couple of tickets for January :+1:


Will do Paul but it will be Tuesday before I get a chance to reply as I’m on backshift until then.


Thanks Allan. That’s much appreciated and there’s no rush. Currently immersed in Matthew Halsall.




Paul I haven’t forgot about you - I’ll get back to you tomorrow :+1:


Mark @DiveDeepDog brought one of their albums to the Yorkshire weekend which I liked so after a listen to their stuff the on Tidal I got this. Most of their vinyl output seems to be very pricey though :frowning_face:


Yep, it’s ridiculously expensive now.


Did you get that the other day for £42? I was too fat fingered with my higher bid :frowning:

  • Nick…


Haha yes that was me. I offered him £50 a few days before the auction ended but he never got back to me so I’m happy :smile: All the other copies I have seen have been £100 plus.


Right Paul this will take a while to wade through so bear with me:

I don’t have much in the way of the Kokoroko type stuff but these might pique your interest

I’ve bought a load of vinyl over the last couple of months which I think would be up your street tho’ -

African / African tinged stuff

Gida-Gida - Tight & Tidy
Hailu Mergia And The Walias - Tche Belew
N’Kouri - Percussions
Georges-Edouard Nouel - Chodo
Ethiopian Quintet - Afro-Latin Soul
Mulatu Of Ethiopia - ST
Ahmed Malek - Musique Originale De Films
Dollar Brand - Black Lightning
De Frank And His Professionals - Psychedelic Man

Various Jazz styles

Mine - Kosuke Mine Quintet
8rick City - Tenderlonius + Dennis Ayler
Storia E Preistoria - Rovi (aka Piero Umiliani)
Take A Look At Yourself - Eddie Russ
Black Notes From The Deep - Courtney Pine
Spiritual Jazz 7 - Islam compilation
Layers - Les McCann
Asha - The Lloyd McNeill Quartet
Floa - Mammal Hands (produced by Matthew Halsall so might be up your street at the moment)
Butterfly - Kimiko Kasai
KPM Jazz Conventions
Desire Songs - Bobby Jackson
Innerpeace - Rare Spiritual Funk & Jazz compliation
Montara - Bobby Hutcherson
Erotic Suite - John Gordon
Freedom Of Speech - Billy Parker’s Fourth World
Le Cercle Rouge - Eric Damarsan
The Offering - Darkhouse Family
A Spirit Speaks - The Descendants Of Mike And Phoebe
Huntington Ashram Monastry & Journey In Satchidananda - Alice Coltrane
Yogi Jazz - Joki Freund Sextet

Have fun :grinning:


Thanks a lot Allan. Greatly appreciated. Looks like a comprehensive selection :grinning: I’m sure I will find some gems.


Thanks too I’m going to.have a barge through


Nah, s’all shite; Jazz, innit ?