What albums have you bought lately?


Nubya Garcia - When We Are (EP)






Yup, R2R @ 3.75ips

One for @murrayjohnson to tryout next time we’re at the same bake :+1:




And this, which arrived today:

I only ever had the Beta Band’s output on CD as they didn’t see widespread vinyl distribution in Oz. I’ll be interested in how good these are.

Also, the swish version of this arrived today:

Dead Can Dance: Dionysus


Regards the Beta Band, I wonder which album cover came first


Have you not the 12" EPs , they really released them a year or two ago??


Cool, it’ll be interesting to compare that with the Hi Res download or with the vinyl version. How do you think it sounds?

Where did you find it?


Haven’t had a chance to listen yet - I’ll report later.

A friend of mine found it whilst in Canada and posted it back to me - I owe him big time!

How did you find the hi res SACD copy vs vinyl?


Matt found me a tidy copy of the LP last week but I haven’t had a chance to do that yet.


Yep. I picked them up on RSD a few years ago.


I thought it was pretty good, then Thriller came on :slightly_smiling_face:.

Yeah a very good tape for 3.75 ips. Not going to compete with a well recorded 7.5 ips tape but to be honest I was just so relieved it didn’t disintegrate or get chewed up.


First batch of new arrivals


R2R @ 7.5 ips


I bet that will sound amazing :heart_eyes:


I really fucking hope so! :pray:


Wow. Canada again?


Nah, no such luck.

Deal with someone I’ve bought from before off Ebay, and who has a good record of posting things which avoid import and VAT (shhh).


Lopwell please


The question is, would that be the ultimate way of owning What’s going on? I suspect it probably is.


I really hope so, I have high expectations of this one

Certainly the most expensive way of owning ‘Whats going on?’ :laughing:

The sweeteners in the deal including a few more tapes including Aretha ‘Now’, Rolling Stones ‘Between the buttons’ and this, ahem Donovan tape at 7.5ips…