What albums have you bought lately?


I thought of you when I bought it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It’s just the wierd one you have as your avatar Allan, it’s something about the combination of the mouth (which I sussed reminded me of the Master Control Program from Tron, which isn’t scary so dunno what’s going on there) and the hair. And possibly the eyes.

Fucking freaky.


I agree it’s fucking freaky Rob but it’s the AA after all :grinning:


Sulatron splurge


Popped into Spillers Records in Cardiff after the rugby and picked this up

The Amorphous Androgynous - The Isness, Abbey Road Cut


Didn’t strike me as one of the albums that needed remastering from my copy.


It is a different version.




Box set arrived today


Vinyl or cd


CD. I’m a sucker for these Dylan sets


It’s supposed to be a very good and I believe a double vinyl album is due


This will be one of the better sets I think. Well known that Blood on The Tracks redone just before release so some very different takes and lyric changes.

There is a sample on Tidal to try.



Have you seen this Chris @vacdac ?


Churz muchly fer t’ heads up Allan. Totally excellent looking box set which I shall deffo purchase, post haste.


Available as a 5LP or 4CD box set or as a FLAC download.

Absolutely mouth watering, Allan. Especially so for me, due to the presence of Don Pullen on piano.


I’ve ordered the vinyl set Chris so looking forward to giving it a spin.

Had a listen to some of it and it’s superb and even nicer that it’s from tapes his wife had :+1:


Cheers for that Allan. I’ve ordered the vinyl from Bandcamp. Really interesting sounding set.







Looks good Olan - BBE usually do a good job with this type of stuff.

I’ve ordered a few things but too knackered to post them up just now as I’m just home from work - need booze and music now but will post them up tomorrow. :+1:


Arrived today

94 East featuring Prince - 3 LP box set. This is a 17 year old Prince recording with 94 East.

Mingus 5 LP box set of live recordings