What albums have you bought lately?


Arrived today finally



@Ruprecht don’t know if you already have these, if not, suspect they’re right up your strasse. Re-issued by Far Out Recordings.

@vacdac i suspect you’d love these as well - much 1970’s Brazilian goodness

Update - Ataque is verging on Sale Of The Century territory so might not be your thing. I like it but I do like a bit if cheese now and then :cheese:


Pre-order. Re-release of Pete Bain’s post Spacemen 3 work. Originally released as a 10" on BOMP! in 1997 (which I have). This is a 2xLP with much additional music.

Alpha Stone were my favourite of the post-Spacemen 3 acts for quite a while. Looking forward to this.



Bought this after recommendation from @browellm

Scout Niblett ‘The Calcination of Scout Niblett’



DVD on Santa’s list.


Just ordered Martin Freeman and Eddie Piller’s ‘Jazz on the Corner’

Because it’s got a Garrard 401 on the cover, obviously.


Ane Brun. Leave me breathless.


60 odd LP’s, condition issues to about 40% but I couldn’t leave them behind. some of these are tricky to turn up - Highlights below. N.B: There is Lopwell fireside story to go with this collection including fields, cat piss and tears.




The Lioness Sessions box set.

The sessions disc is amazing. Basically a brand new LP!


I want !


I has the customs sad, but it was worth :heart:


October Language - Belong

With Dim Light - Minami Deutsch

Minami Deutsch to follow if it it ever arrives into Norman Records


Bargain that lp Dave! I got it for £12.99 post free cos I’m in my prime!




7.5ips :smiley: not that I have a 4 track machine yet…


Where did you find it?



eBay in the US, $40 probably over the odds but I’m just gathering a few tapes for when I get a 4 track machine,

Got these coming too, $30 each both 7.5ips