What albums have you bought lately?


7.5ips, reel to reel is the path to financial ruin.


7.5ips R2R flutage is the road to musical ruin.


That cover is hideous. I can only presume this is deliberate to warn the unwary R2R fan. A bit like the tumour photos on a fag packet. “Contents may be deleterious for your health or hearing depending on your susceptibility to prog, gurning and an excess of fucking flutery”


Order. Order !

On it’s release it was titled This Was Jethro Tull. Kinda sums it up really.

There is NO Prog on that album. This is Tull pre-Prog. A blues band no less. A melodic classical interpretation on a couple of tracks, but mainly blues.
But yes, there is flute :+1:


and gurning no doubt. No Tull without gurning…


… the gurning came later. Actually after the 2nd album when they had their first spot on TOTP.


Walloped my record budget on these two as soon as I clapped eyes on them in the record shop.


Quick, preserve them on tape.







Yep, me too. Did you get black or purple swirly vinyl?


Too late for the purple, so black for me.


Charideee find


He has loads of purple. Message him if you want one instead of the black. He only puts a few on Bandcamp at a time so it looks like the demand is incredible.


He’s still got Purple on his site too :+1:


The Janitors - Drone Head




Early xmas presents




I bought this earlier -

Fuzz Club Session LP