What albums have you bought lately?

Ed Wynne - Tumbling Through The Floativerse …


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And found a interesting book too.


One for you jazzers out there

LPs have arrived from Denmark after them having to wait longer for one of the albums from the distributor but I have missed the delivery and they are now at the Royal Mail depot.

Glad they could get them though. Another couple for the Sphongle digital vinyl collection :smiley:

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2022 pressing

That was a good morning, walked into a fairly local dealer’s that I know and found him desperate for cash two complete a purchase, such that he offered me half price on anything :grin: the trick with this Dealer is his NM stuff, always is NM and because he didn’t have time to check discogs for collecting nuances it is possible to grab a record you want, even at his full price, at half price, well… A trip to the bank and I was at it.

A couple of repress Stones on Decca box label and a 1st Banquet, all NM. Whoever bought these 50 years ago looked after them. A Bauhaus Sky’s Gone Out with the added Eject the Tape, all M, Bruce Springsteen’s. BTR half speed mastered unopened, a NM Mayal and a Dylan. Also a Hendrix Electric Ladyland in Ex with a fantastic cover with the reversed images inside the gatefold.

That’s tomorrow’s listening sorted.


Orbital - 30 (something)


It’s awesome.

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Pre-order for The Heads - Under Sided box. I don’t own any copies of this album, so decided to go for it.

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Pre-order of Pharoah Sanders - Karma

Acoustic Sounds Series re-issue due on Nov 18th.

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Live at Third Man direct to tape then no digi-foo straight analogue cut jobbie.


Carolina Eyck - Thetis 2086
Theremin music

Happy days, 1st press Big Bear version.



Scott Walker and Sunn 0))) - Soused

Whoa! This is odd.