What albums have you bought lately?


I’ve got an unopened boxset Coma Divine you could have had cheap :smiley:


Now he tells me :roll_eyes:


I advertised it on here a few months back.


I already had it on CD. I just decided that I wanted it on vinyl :pensive:


I recently did the same with my PT collection. :+1::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah, bought the In Absentia and Deadwing on coloured vinyl.


The new, higher DR releases, are well worth having.


Indeed they are.


I have the original Deadwing LP on red vinyl. Currently going for stupid money on Discogs. It is also a very good pressing. I did get the new In Absentia, and that does also sound very good.


I sold all the original releases a fair few years back, then bought them again at fairly silly money, then sold them again and now can’t afford them.

Sort of like anybody else’s current account :confused:

Story of my record owning life that. Arse !


Ouch. I did sell a few things when I was a skint student 20 odd years ago, mostly metal albums. Some of it is worth a bit more these but not eye-wateringly so. I have re-bought a few of them though…


Stream the fuckers for free and quit your jibber jabber.


Don’t gimme no back talk, sucker!


After several listens on FLAC (cheers Olan @htm_1968), found a copy of the repress for £12 plus p&p



Zofff - fff



Picked this up today…

Steven Wilson remix on vinyl.


No mail out yet?
Pre order from a store?


Yep, Pre-order from Phil @ Norman


I am suffering serious want…