What albums have you bought lately?


Mine came yesterday too :slightly_smiling_face:


Side 4’s good innit :grinning::man_facepalming:





nils frahm wintermusik


Good haul. Just cba this year. Getting less and less arsed every year, tbh.


First and last time I will queue for it. The weather was conducive :sunny:


Yes I love the sparse nature of it.


I’d have bought stuff.

But I don’t miss not having any of it.

Too old to queue unless I have to. Although I was working.


I was at work until 14:00 yesterday, and my local record shop has decided to stop doing RSD, so my nearest participating store is in Chorley iirc. I couldn’t be arsed going up there yesterday, so I’ll pop over there or possibly to Piccadilly Records on my day off to see what’s left.


I had to pop into work today to help with a move, luckily it all went much better than expected so was able to leave by 13:00 and pop into Sister Rays on the way home. I grabbed Piper at the Gates of Dawn and The Cure Torn Down(Mixed up extras). They had lots of RSD stock left.

Also managed to grab a photo of Mo from the office window whilst running third in the marathon.


Vinyl Pre-order







I have that on cd from the nineties


I lost my CD copy somewhere. I did see Steve Hillage play at a festival a few years ago. He was doing his usual guitar-through-a-myriad-of-effects-pedals while his wife accompanied him on bleep and squeaks. It was trippy and trancey and rather excellent.



Good haul


LP x 2 from Bleep (plus wav)


Just went a but mad…

Asunder, Sweet and Other Distress - Godspeed You! Black Emperor

Coma Divine - Porcupine Tree

Steven Wilson Remix

All vinyl :+1: