What albums have you bought lately?


Deep Distance


Sula Bassana - Dark Days 2LP



One for you Matt @BoogerBenson - get in there quick; limited number of coloured vimyl pressings that won’t be available again

Sorry that goes for anyone else that likes the KPM library stuff as well :+1:


Daphna Sadeh : “Born In Parallel” (2014)


Daphna Sadeh & The Voyagers : “Reconciliation” ( 2009)


Finally gotten round to bagging this Andrew Hill box set too!!

All on CD.


Great minds…:fist: Snatched a copy this morning. Sold out already on the Trunk site. Tracks featured on it sound ace.



Copies left
Of both red and blue splatter, and black…

Unless it’s something else sold out?


Was showing sold out. Back in. Johnny must have hatched a few more.





Yob - Our Raw Heart

2LP preorder


Vinyl preorder.


Just arrived so one for later :+1:


2017 MOV repress


Mine hasn’t turned up yet.:disappointed:


Tomorrow most likely - he’s usually on the ball with postage. Did you get the coloured vinyl one ? It’s a cracking looking disc quite translucent rather than solid colour :heart_eyes:


Mine came yesterday.


Don’t say that. Now I’m worried. It’s on unexpected 180gm innit?


3cd/dvd book box set bollox that was, months ago a seriously piss taking 130 quid.
Now reduced to 55, its still pricey.
However with an Amex/points discount scenario, netted out at £20.51 I thang you very much.

Seen in summer of 72 in a small venue (Northwich) weeks after release and a couple of days after they recorded Virginia Plain.


Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever
The French Press
Loser Edition

Fans of The Go Betweens should check these out


Top album :+1: