What albums have you bought lately?


Rolling Blackouts CF
French Press, Loser edition
More transparent vinyl than pissy yellow…





Money paid :+1:


I’m not a huge Yes fan Terry but I just know that is going to sound amazing. Thought of you as soon as I saw it was being released :grin:


Have you seen/heard the deluxe edition of Hand/Cannot/Erase? Alternative versions of Perfect Life and Routine that are, imho, better than the ones on the original release.
It’s on Tidal.


I have yes.
Different ? Yes. Better ? Not sure.


Surprised by that. Routine just seems more relevant with a female voice singing all of it. For me (and Gwen) the extension of Perfect Life allows the story to be more developed. All my/our view of course:wink:


Initially I heard it as a curiosity. Remixes with dramatic changes (rather than just bringing different instruments forward etc) have that effect on me.
I would have to give it more time.


What, give a prog Album MORE time ? Jesus.


plus some other interesting stuff, all s/h CDs from Carnival.

It looks like someone has recently sold a fairly large collection of niche techno and ambient bits, lots of !K7 albums that I’ll be buying next time if they’re still there.



All for charity…



Save for a CD copy of Fab Four Suture, my Stereolab stops at the year 2000, so…




Anyone got the Pink Floyd ‘Pulse l vinyl that has been released today ? If so what’s the verdict?


Forgot about this somewhat inebriated purchase last night :man_shrugging:



Listened to a couple of tracks on 6M today. Seemed gud.


Analogue Productions jobbie



Be over that there Norfolk… get yerself to