What alcoholic drink are you drinking right now?


Good effort. Fuck it, I’m in.


It’s too fucking easy to drink :beers:


Found this in the Co-op for a tenner, couldn’t leave it in the shop for that. Bit early to crack it open right now so will have a couple tonight…



Very lively, very tasty and very strong :smile:


I have Grimbergen Blonde for tonight


That’s the best of them. I’ve run out of Blonde, have plenty of Dubbel and Tripel though :slight_smile:


So, now on to -


You’ll be royally pished tonight then Mike :crazy_face:


Could be, could be Allan.

Keep an eye on the WAHYBL thread :rofl:


I have a few of these cooling their heels in the fridge



Don’t know that. Any good ?


It’s very nice usually cheap in Aldi if they have any :beers:


Lined up for later

In addition to Leffe, of course


Aldi usually have a range of the William Brothers beers although I have noticed they have more locally sourced beers of late so it may be the same around the country.

My faves are the Caesar Augustus / Fraoch / Birds & Bees / Seven Giraffes and Good Times - I went off Joker but a lot of people swear by it :+1:


We are about to get an Aldi 10 minutes from here, plus possibly a Lidl nearby. I look forward to new beer!


Thought I’d just slide in another cheeky

churz :beers:


Your liver won’t be :grinning: