What alcoholic drink are you drinking right now?


Cheers Gareth - it should be ok unless I make a total arse of myself.

My Mum has asked me to do a Gospel reading and some bidding prayers and unaccustomed as I am to public speaking and all that I may be be a tad nervous.

I also think there will be a big turnout for him just to add to my discomfort :grimacing:


They both sound nice - will give them a try :+1:


So far today;

G&Ts with…

Then a large one of these…

Then a couple of these…


Did I mention that I was off work for a couple of weeks ?



The nicest of the booze free wheat beers I have



G&Ts with…

Because it’s sundown somewhere in the world.


Which is surprisingly good. A touch of carbonic maceration gives it a northern Beaujolais aire. It needs decanting to expose it a bit. But it then gives up it’s cherry fruit and gentle tannins. Very decent for less than a fiver.


A couple of theses…

My favourite Pilsner.


Getting ready for the match tonight. I’ve even got a chauffeur for the evening hence the early start.
One from my wife’s home town




After a long day


Been drinking some junk wine…


Champions league final snifter


Omnipollo are unbelievable in my experience. How was it? 11%!


Compared to other imperials I’ve had (not that many) this has a bit of a dry sharp ending, still very nice though but a bit expensive so won’t having any more of this, I’ll check out others if the pub gets them in though.




Quick couple of Thatchers after work.

Now for pub #2 and some Wye Valley HPA


Something dark from Burnley



Good luck, I find that a bit shite.