What alcoholic drink are you drinking right now?


Washes down my Tuna Baguette and salt & vinegar crisps quite adequately thanks.:unamused:

PS: I find valves, vinyl and horns (and Jurgen Klopp) a bit shite.:rofl:


G&Ts (natch) with…

Then several pints of my Rakau PA.




PMT dear?


Does not compute!:thinking:


Does PMT stand for Post Madrid Thrashing?:smiling_imp:



Why oh why do I drink rubbish wine and then regret it?
Finished off a M&S Malbec in the red wine juswith shallots to go with the duck breast and onion rings from a Meal Deal and now on a Shiraz Cab Sauv also from M&S also from a Meal Deal. Not as good as Aldi/Lidl’s best.
Bythe time you are down a bottle and a half you wonder why you didn’t open a nice bottle


Buy two, drink one and tonight this wins

The not drunk one goes toward the very liquid retirement fund.




Not sure it will make the final


Should be just about ready - we’re holding a case of 97 minus one bottle that we’ve drunk from our last visit to the upper due to. Not ready yet though


Currently drinking the 175ml of Shiraz that came free with the shopping, and wondering if buying one bottle of it will mean that they send me loads more free samples.



A genuinely classy drop.


A couple tonight, one of the better Dark Star beers.


Thatchers Gold
Wye Valley HPA
Leffe Brune
…and a G&TBag to finish off

I have a fence to build in the morning…yay



No G&Ts today :scream:

The weather was so nice and the garden so welcoming we had Aperol Spritzs instead.
Followed by a bottle of…

to accompany the BBQ’d chicken.


because sun and shit.


because it’s one of the nicest widely available Sauv Blancs.


Me too.

Normally I cock it up and make something way too bitter, but today it worked out just nice :ok_hand: