What alcoholic drink are you drinking right now?


Very nice.




New one in to work (M&S) - had to give it a try obvs and very very nice :wine_glass:


Campbells is a good, if underrated, winery. Better known for it’s sweeter desert wines (Muscat, Tokay and version of Port) but has produced some wonderful “cool climate” wines.
I shall seek this one out.


I have to say Terry I like it a lot and that’s after a small first glass. Very smooth and has a slight spice to it or maybe that’s just the huge bag of Iberico Ham crisps I’ve demolished :joy:

It’s £14 a bottle and I think well worth it.



I’m very surprised to see it available over here TBF. It’s one of those wines that never used to be exported. It was only ever for local consumption. The market in Oz has changed dramatically. I guess it’s now the “boutique” stuff that the Vinophile buys rather than the better known brands. It’s a shame (for them) as there are still great wines made by the “names”.

It’s good for us though, as we get more variety.


I just had a shot of that in the hotel bar



Pah, I’ve got a full (not now) bottle :grinning:


:slight_smile: we are talking central London hotel here! Actually the shots are doubles

Just had a Bulleit to round the evening off


Ah, so it probably cost more than my 70cl bottle then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




A pint of…


The Crown Inn, Pishill.

Now, G&Ts with…

Then it will be a couple of these…


Few of these -

Not ideal in this weather but … alcohol


Oh contraire, well chilled they make great Summer drinking. Just slow Summer drinking.


Negroni made with



Sunday lunch in a beer garden…when did that happen last?
Crossings Sauv Blanc 11 quid on t’interweb & only 17.95 pub price.
So refreshing we had another one for pudding


Another large bottle ? I don’t mind if I do…