What alcoholic drink are you drinking right now?




@OzzyOzzyOzzyOiOiOi @htm_1968 You bloody strayans even get into our beer. I is disappoint.


There is a combi on the label, so looks good but is probably rougher than a rhino’s ballsac and twice as hard to maintain.


Lol. Actually, it’s rather nice.


Unlikely to be Strayan beer then. Must be some subtle marketing ploy.


Parisian hotel mini-bar fodder:


How much does that cost then Ritchie?




Small can of meh lager.

I reckon about €8


Dunno! I’m not paying. :grin:

I just had a fillet steak to die for around the corner from here, washed down with a bottle of red. Really good.


Fill your boots then mate.

I miss my expense account.


I don’t have much of an account exactly, more like a bit of a float. There will be catering from here on in, so nice to get a bit of relaxation and a decent meal in before the work proper starts tomorrow. :+1:







Feckin’ Strayan. Bluff !


Some great wine was consumed today because Pomerol.


Oh, and lest I forget: Meh!