What alcoholic drink are you drinking right now?



Nice. I got the 8, 10 and 12 in the last delivery from Beerwulf, but tragically I am without the correct glass :cry:


Shameful !!!


If this were a club, I’d confiscate my own membership badge.


As you should :angry:



Hidden glass embarrassment


Oi, have you got a link?



Nup, the Glass is entirely relevant for every wonderful, glorious, magically alcoholic drink (and there are many) that I consume John.

It reads “Down The Rabbit Hole” and for the life I lead, at the moment, that is entirely feckin appropriate.

Proost ! :beers:


beyond the black rainbow milk stout
and Directionless Pale Ale


on the left Oatshake from Abbeydale brewery and on the right, Sour Slave from Weird Beard Brew Co


Resplendent in “Down The Rabbit Hole” glass, I present to you -



I see Tesco have done well today.


Aldi for me today.


A couple of these…


shot of Bourbon with a pickle juice chaser


Where do you get that. I had a couple of bottles of their firecracker beer appear in my fridge after a work colleague gathering. Want to get some more but don’t know who’s flogging it. Ingnore im a stupid twat, it’s Aldi isn’t it :roll_eyes:


Poor photos :confused: