What alcoholic drink are you drinking right now?


Aldi indeed


Cheers I shall try that as the description of Golden Beer is the same as the Firecracker one, 4% though against 3.5.



It’s proper fruity :+1:



Old fashioned


Good = 710 ml

Bad = bit meh


Never had you down as one prone to understatement :thinking:


:+1: Fucking shit !


Aaaaand we’re back :+1:


I don’t get the Mexican lager thing. Never found a decent one. And as for the slice of lime shite…:rage:

The only thing that Corona has going for it, is that it’s better than Budweiser, but let’s be honest, that’s not setting the bar very high.




Dos Equis - XX Amber
Modelo Especial
Modelo Negro
Bohemia Obscura
are all decent beers, if a little more difficult to get hold of.


6 pints of Thatchers Gold, 2 Hendricks and tonic



Don’t think I’ve ever come across any of those Terry, although Modelo rings a bell. Ta for the recommendations, will keep an eye out for them.


They are available here as far as I know.
A mate of mine ran a Tex/Mex bar in Fulham and had loads of different Mex beers including Tecate, Pacifico, Estrella, plus a few others I can’t remember.

Some were better than others. ALL were weather dependent. The warmer, the better they tasted.

Don’t get me started on Tequila :wink:




Anejo for the win :+1:


This! (A million or so years ago :disappointed:)


There’s a Tex/Mex place in Wigan, but it’s the kind of place that is likely to plonk a much used Sombrero on your head for a group selfie. I reckon their Mexican beer range is Corona, Sol, and Desperados. With Carling and John Smiths on draught.

Might have a look though, just to be fair to them.